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Corona Virus Laws

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Can Employers Implement Mandatory Vaccinations?

We are no strangers to the ethical complexities that arise when managing competing duties, rights, and interests. Unfortunately, amid a global pandemic, we see many Australian employers and employees across all professions struggling with this challenge. How different workplaces choose to adapt to living with COVID-19 will be on a case-by-case basis. On a global scale we have seen a major rise in mandatory vaccinations, resulting in job losses and restraints on access to specific venues and businesses for those who have not been vaccinated. This article explores the circumstances where mandatory COVID-19 vaccination may be lawful and reasonable, the rights and...

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Over $2 million worth of Covid-19 fines issued in Queensland!

On Saturday 2 May, Queensland’s Home Confinement, Movement and Gathering Direction was amended to ease the restrictions on staying home. The main amendment being that people are now allowed to leave their home for recreation within a 50 kilometre radius of the person’s principal place of residence.   “Recreation” has been defined to mean an activity engaged in for pleasure or for mental health benefits, including: motorcycle riding, jet skiing, boating and other forms of personalised transport; driving a motor vehicle, including for a learner driver to accumulate driving hours to comply with logbook requirements for the learner driver’s practical driving test, but...

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Easing of COVID-19 restrictions in QLD as of 2nd May 2020

THE COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS THAT ARE BEING EASED IN QUEENSLAND AS OF 2 MAY 2020 Restrictions have now been in place as to when we can and cannot leave home for several weeks now. We have seen a promising decline in the amount of new cases of the coronavirus over the last couple of weeks, and the Queensland Government have responded by announcing an ease in the restrictions on movement in Queensland. As of 2 May 2020, you will have more opportunities to leave your home and go outside for enjoyment. We have summarised the updated Home Confinement, Movement and Gathering Direction below. Bear...

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The Ways That COVID-19 Has Changed Bail Applications

Do you have a loved one currently in custody awaiting a trial/sentence? Are you worried about their wellbeing during this COVID-19 pandemic? Read on. The unusual circumstances we currently all find ourselves in are unprecedented. Businesses and government departments are having to change the way they do things – almost on a weekly basis. Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) is no exception. In order to follow the Government’s recommendations and directions for public safety during this time, the prisons have gone into various stages of lockdown. At the time of writing, Stage 3 restrictions are in place, which means that QCS has already...

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Virus releases domestic violence brake

A key means of preventing an escalation of domestic violence matters during the COVID-19 lockdown has been dealt a major blow with the cancellation of men's face-to-face behavioural counselling sessions. Anti-domestic violence campaigners say there is no substitute for the court-ordered group therapy, where abusers are confronted by peers. The two-hour meetings, which are normally attended by between six and 20 men over 26 weeks, were shut down last month. The forums are where emotions often overflow, tears are shed and anger vented within a controlled atmosphere, says Men's Referral Service CEO Jacqui Watt. MRS has been operating nationally for more than 25 years...

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Challenges of court trials during COVID

Legal experts are in uncharted territory as courts face significant challenges providing public justice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing measures are already in place in courts, but judges and barristers have discussed logistics for prisoners ahead of a high-profile criminal trial due to start next month. The matter involves a number of defendants who are remanded in prison ahead of their case being heard. Public courts usually give defendants the opportunity to confront their accusers face-to-face and verdicts where charges are serious are decided by a jury. But amid the coronavirus outbreak, there are no jury trials and many prisoners appear by video-link...

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Potts Lawyers and Corona Virus – Willing and available to assist those who need advice

  The Corona Virus is changing the way that all aspects of our society operate on a daily basis. Like many Australian businesses, small and large, Potts Lawyers is working to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape We will be maintaining a team of solicitors to service all of the legal needs, of all of our clients, during this period.  We remain willing and available to assist those who need legal advice.    Whilst there have been some changes, our court system is still operating, and we continue to represent people in criminal law and commercial litigation on a daily basis.  Protecting our client’s interests and rights...

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Corona Virus – Police powers to enforce lockdowns and isolation directives

Corona Virus - COVID-19 - Offence provisions and police powers to enforce lockdowns and isolation directives The Corona virus or COVID-19 has changed the way in which we know life now and is likely to continue to change our lives into the future.  We hear on the news or in press conferences about directives being issued.  Directives to avoid mass gatherings, to self-isolate and requiring social distancing. We are told that if people disobey such directives, then they can be fined and even imprisoned. Potts Lawyers have outline all the ‘must know ‘information in regard to police powers and rights with lockdowns, isolation...

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Queensland Courts Response to COVID-19 crisis

Queensland Courts Response to COVID-19 crisis In response to the current COVID-19 crisis courts throughout Queensland are instigating a range of measures with a view to limiting the exposure of parties involved in court proceedings to the risk of infection.   Guidelines have now been issued by the Supreme, District and Magistrates courts outlining the steps they will be taking to ensure the health and safety of all parties during the coming period. These include measures such as postponing all new jury trials in the District and Supreme Courts, excusing the personal appearance of defendants in some matters and prioritising the hearing of matters that...

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