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Can Employers Implement Mandatory Vaccinations?

We are no strangers to the ethical complexities that arise when managing competing duties, rights, and interests. Unfortunately, amid a global pandemic, we see many Australian employers and employees across all professions struggling with this challenge. How different workplaces choose to adapt to living with COVID-19 will be on a case-by-case basis. On a global scale we have seen a major rise in mandatory vaccinations, resulting in job losses and restraints on access to specific venues and businesses for those who have not been vaccinated. This article explores the circumstances where mandatory COVID-19 vaccination may be lawful and reasonable, the rights and...

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Guardianship and Administration Matters

A loved one has impaired capacity and did not make an Enduring Power of Attorney. Can I make personal or financial decisions on their behalf? Unfortunately, life can take unexpected turns at any moment, and we are not always prepared for what is to come. A person can lose their capacity suddenly, through accident or illness, leaving them unable to formally decide on who can make personal or financial decisions on their behalf. If you are worried that an adult person in your life has lost their capacity to make important decisions, and the person does not have a formal legal instrument...

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New Zealand Citizens and Australian Permanent Visa Applications

Lodging an Australian Permanent Visa Application as an New Zealand Citizen If you are a New Zealand citizen and have been living in Australia from 19 February 2016 or before, and you haven’t already lodged an Australian Permanent Visa application, maybe now is the time for you to get that ball rolling… This post will explain reasons why you might choose to do that – and some reasons why you might not! We will then explain a bit about the eligibility criteria for a special permanent visa pathway that is only available to New Zealand citizens. You might spend time and money...

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The Legal Services Commission (LSC) Investigation & Disciplinary Process

The Legal Services Commission (LSC) When a lawyer receives a letter from the Legal Services Commissioner about a complaint, it can raise all sorts of fears and anxiety about the process and how the complaint might be resolved. Practitioners should know that not every complaint received by the LSC is notified to the relevant practitioner.  A large proportion of complaints are determined to be not to be proper complaints for the Commission to investigate, for various reasons. For example, a client complaint about costs which does not raise conduct issues might not be notified. Although a practitioner might not appreciate it at the...

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AHPRA Disciplinary Matters for Health Practitioners

Why choose Potts Lawyers for AHPRA Matters? Potts team of experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers are highly experienced at assisting health practitioners across Australia who face allegations of impairments or conduct which may amount to unsatisfactory professional performance, unprofessional conduct, and professional misconduct. Get your free 20 minute consultation today.   AHPRA Disciplinary Matters for Health Practitioners Health practitioners being investigated for these matters can face immediate action which prevents them from practising, and at the conclusion of those investigations, health practitioners can be subjected to conditions, suspensions, or even have their registration cancelled altogether.  Obviously, this type of action taken against a health practitioner can...

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Preliminary Steps when Responding to an Queensland LSC Investigation Letter  

Our Disciplinary law experts have acted for many Queensland solicitors and barristers who have received a letter from the Legal Services Commissioner notifying of an investigation of a complaint made about them and seeking a response. Do you need an extension to obtain advice and respond? Generally, the initial letter from the LSC advising of the investigation will set out allegations and will seek a response and explanation within a certain timeframe. It is important for practitioner not to feel rushed when responding, which may result in a substandard response. If the lawyer requires more time to obtain advice and consider their position, they...

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Disciplinary Matters for Queensland Teachers

Teachers who are subject to investigations by the QCT should urgently seek legal advice from civil ligitation lawyers experienced in this area of law so that appropriate steps can be taken to protect their registration throughout the course of the investigation. Potts Lawyers is experienced at assisting teachers in Queensland with a wide variety of disciplinary matters and have assisted teachers in avoiding serious findings and sanctions which could lead to onerous conditions on their registration or even completely prevent them from teaching. Disciplinary Matters for Queensland Teachers Teachers in Queensland are mainly regulated by the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005...

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Real Estate Agent Licences in Queensland 

Everything you need to know: QLD Real Estate Agent Licences Real estate agents who are facing criminal allegations or allegations of breaching the real estate legislation in the course of their practice of property agent work, should seek legal advice immediately from lawyers experienced in criminal law and in disciplinary law matters. Why use Potts Lawyers?  Our Civil Litigation Lawyers are experienced at assisting real estate agents in Queensland who face having their licences suspended or cancelled, and also applicants whose licences have not been granted due to suitability matters. Existing licensees can have their licences cancelled due as a result of breaches of...

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NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission – Banning Orders

This article explains the mechanisms by which NDIS service providers and their employees might be prohibited from providing NDIS supports and services, or their provision of NDIS supports or services might be restricted. For example, a banning order may be made against an individual on the ground that he or she is believed not to be suitable to provide supports or services to people with disability because of a criminal conviction or misconduct. The banning might apply to specified activities and for specified time periods. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Quality and Safeguards Commission (‘the Commissioner’) was founded on the 13th...

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New Offences related to the Reporting of and Protection from Child Sexual Offences

The Criminal Code (Child Sexual Offences Reform) and other Legislation Amendment Bill (2019) has sought to improve the responsiveness of the criminal justice system to Child Sexual Offending and victims of Child Sexual Offences by amending a range of legislation. Of particular note are two new offences introduced to the QLD Criminal Code, which have come into effect on the 5 July 2021. As a result of these offences: all adults, who gain information causing them to reasonably believe that a Child Sexual Offence is being or has been committed against a child, must report that sexual offending to the police...

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