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Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Potts Lawyers > Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Dispute resolution is just that – the resolving of legal disputes between parties. We represent clients on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and throughout the wider regions in Queensland.

Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution Lawyers Gold Coast & Brisbane


Our experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers at Potts Lawyers have decades of experience in litigation and dispute resolution. Dispute resolution is just that – the resolving of legal disputes between parties. We represent clients on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and throughout the wider regions in Queensland.

Depending upon the nature of the dispute, a variety of options may be available to you in order to seek the ultimate resolution of the matter.  Our Civil litigation lawyers at Potts Lawyers, may make submissions on your behalf and informally negotiate a resolution to the dispute.  Alternatively, we may attend a conciliation conference, settlement conference, or mediation, with a view to reaching an agreement with the opposing party.  Our litigation team are skilled at instituting court proceedings making a claim against another entity, or defending a court claim brought against you on your behalf.

With either scenario, our fundamental goal is to protect your interests, and seek a fair and just outcome in resolving your legal dispute.

Governed by a variety of procedures, this area of law is very technical, and dependent upon the type of dispute you face, the central processes can tend to be both time consuming and expensive.

Here at Potts Lawyers, we focus on resolving disputes as efficiently as possible, with a view to minimising our clients’ costs.  At the outset of your matter, we will advise you on the options available to you, and the strategies that can be implemented to resolve the disputed issues quickly.

Establishing the sub-category of your matter will clarify the processes and procedures governing your dispute, and the ultimate options available to you.  Please review the links below for further information.

Alternatively, if you find yourself in dispute with another entity, contact our Dispute Resolution team at Potts Lawyers for advice as to how we may best assist you.

Our Litigation Lawyers


Craig DoRozario

Director - Litigation Lawyer

Craig’s main area of practice includes commercial litigation, insolvency, employment law, negligence and compensation claims and disciplinary matters.



Litigation Lawyer

Jason is a strategic thinker who is passionate about protecting his clients’ interests and ensuring that they are fully advised on all the potential outcomes and options available to them, while also managing and minimizing the risks inherent to litigation.



Litigation Lawyer

Ashleigh has considerable knowledge in dispute resolution with a focus on insurance and compensation law. including public liability, motor vehicle and workplace accidents. She acts for both claimants and uninsured respondents in these compensation proceedings.

photo of chris

Chris Korbel

Litigation Lawyer

Chris Korbel practices in a wide range of civil litigation matters, and has an avid interest and comprehensive understanding of civil law.

Our Litigation Law Services

Administrative law governs the activities and decisions of government agencies, including the enforcement of specific regulations. At Potts Lawyers, we are often approached by individuals and businesses who have been provided notice of an investigation or review into their activities, by a government authority.

Commercial litigation encompasses broad and wide ranging areas of law. Not to be confused with criminal law and its evidentiary standard proving matters ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, commercial litigation involves an examination of facts ‘on the balance of probabilities’ to aid in the resolution of a dispute.

Negligence occurs when a party owes a duty of care to another party, fails to take reasonable care thus breaching its duty, and subsequently causes loss or damage to the other party. Our litigation team at Potts Lawyers has decades of experience in all fields encompassed by insurance law.

If facing serious criminal charges, such as drug supply or trafficking, the State of Queensland may seek to freeze and confiscate your assets.  Those assets may include your bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, shares or any other asset of value. While having a base in criminal law, the confiscation proceedings are actually a civil litigation process which must be commenced by the State of Queensland in the Supreme Court.

We regularly act for both plaintiffs and defendants with respect to matters involving defamation disputes.  The defamation law in Queensland refers to both defamatory statements that are published in writing and defamatory statements that are spoken.

As a member of Queensland Law Society’s Occupational Disciplinary Committee, our litigation director, Craig DoRozario, has a breadth of experience in advocating for clients faces with disciplinary law proceedings. Disciplinary Law is relevant to professionals or occupations with a regulatory body such as health practitioners, lawyers, teachers, police officers, accountants, real estate agents, valuers and builders and the like.

Whether you are an employee or employer, our litigation lawyers have the knowledge and experience in all areas of employment law.  Contact us to discuss your situation and how we may best protect your interests.

Whilst our firm’s specialist criminal defence lawyers represent people being investigated for fraud, white collar crime, corruption and bribery, our civil litigation team acts for both individuals and businesses in the resolution of civil claims arising from similar circumstances.

At Potts Lawyers, we recognise knowledge is power.  Accordingly, we have developed a practical guide addressing certain aspects of personal injury law with the aim of providing insight into the procedures and processes involved in personal injury claims, and the many factors that govern the compensation sum payable to an injured party.

You can trust us a reputable, independent law firm, with a reputation for excellence, to act professionally and ethically and to deal with trust funds strictly in accordance with requirements placed on solicitors. This provides you with a level of reassurance not available with all migration advisors and dealing with your migration law case.

What our clients say about us

“I just want to acknowledge and thank Craig and Ashleigh DoRozario for their expertise and all they have done to help… You are wonderful people and have gone above and beyond.  Thank you both so very much, we are forever grateful. Sometimes “thank you” just doesn’t seem enough. 

“Please convey many thanks and gratitude to Craig for his considerable effort in preparing these submissions. Perhaps it’s ‘everyday’ stuff from him, but for me, access to his expertise and experience has offered the only chance of justice and there is simply no way to express my appreciation. The outcome whatever it proves to be will not alter my view that he has given me his very best. And thank you for the extremely kind and professional support you have extended to me throughout the process.”

“Jason Papoutsis assumed responsibility for my litigation/employment matter which had a significant chance to ultimately result in my termination of employment. From the initial phone call Jason was absolutely immersed in my case and explained everything in a way that I could best understand. Jason went beyond what I could have ever expected and prepared detail submissions to AHPRA and my employer which left no unanswered questions surrounding the incident that occured. Ultimately the result was that I kept my job and did not lose my registration as a health professional. This was the most stressful experience of my life and I am glad Jason and the rest of the team at Potts Lawyers were there to support me/guide me through it. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts.”

“Professionalism, quality, and responsiveness! My experience with Potts Lawyers has been nothing but amazing. I was dealing with two paralegal issues. Tom and Craig handled one while Chris handled the other. Both issues were resolved in my favour. Next time I have a legal issue, I know who to call. I’m very happy with the professionalism and responsiveness of the Potts Lawyers team. They don’t waste your time and get to the bottom of the issue quickly. Highly recommended.”

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