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Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution Lawyers

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Our experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers at Potts Lawyers have decades of experience in litigation and dispute resolution. Dispute resolution is just that – the resolving of legal disputes between parties. We represent clients on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and throughout the wider regions in Queensland.

Depending upon the nature of the dispute, a variety of options may be available to you in order to seek the ultimate resolution of the matter.  Our Civil litigation lawyers at Potts Lawyers, may make submissions on your behalf and informally negotiate a resolution to the dispute.  Alternatively, we may attend a conciliation conference, settlement conference, or mediation, with a view to reaching an agreement with the opposing party.  Our litigation team are skilled at instituting court proceedings making a claim against another entity, or defending a court claim brought against you on your behalf.

With either scenario, our fundamental goal is to protect your interests, and seek a fair and just outcome in resolving your legal dispute.

Governed by a variety of procedures, this area of law is very technical, and dependent upon the type of dispute you face, the central processes can tend to be both time consuming and expensive.

Here at Potts Lawyers, we focus on resolving disputes as efficiently as possible, with a view to minimising our clients’ costs.  At the outset of your matter, we will advise you on the options available to you, and the strategies that can be implemented to resolve the disputed issues quickly.

Establishing the sub-category of your matter will clarify the processes and procedures governing your dispute, and the ultimate options available to you.  Please review the links below for further information.

Alternatively, if you find yourself in dispute with another entity, contact our Dispute Resolution team at Potts Lawyers for advice as to how we may best assist you.

“Please convey many thanks and gratitude to Craig for his considerable effort in preparing these submissions. Perhaps it’s ‘everyday’ stuff from him, but for me, access to his expertise and experience has offered the only chance of justice and there is simply no way to express my appreciation. The outcome whatever it proves to be will not alter my view that he has given me his very best. And thank you for the extremely kind and professional support you have extended to me throughout the process.”

“Jason Papoutsis assumed responsibility for my litigation/employment matter which had a significant chance to ultimately result in my termination of employment. From the initial phone call Jason was absolutely immersed in my case and explained everything in a way that I could best understand. Jason went beyond what I could have ever expected and prepared detail submissions to AHPRA and my employer which left no unanswered questions surrounding the incident that occured. Ultimately the result was that I kept my job and did not lose my registration as a health professional. This was the most stressful experience of my life and I am glad Jason and the rest of the team at Potts Lawyers were there to support me/guide me through it. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts.”

Our Litigation Lawyers


Craig DoRozario

Director - Litigation Lawyer

Craig’s main area of practice includes commercial litigation, insolvency, employment law, negligence and compensation claims and disciplinary matters.

Rob Franklin

Managing Director - Litigation Lawyer

Rob Franklin is the Managing Director of Potts Lawyers. Rob has practised for more than three decades, principally in the areas of commercial litigation and law firm management.



Litigation Lawyer

Jason joins our litigation team at Potts Lawyers as a recently admitted solicitor.



Litigation Lawyer

Ashleigh is currently completing her Bachelor of Laws, while working as a paralegal at Potts Lawyers.