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Drink Driving Charges

Are you facing a drink driving charge?

Drink driving charges can have serious ramifications on your life. If you have been charged with drink driving before, you face a sentence of 2 years disqualification and a period of imprisonment. Even with no prior charges, you can be sentenced to 9 months in prison. If you are convicted of drink driving, you are also ineligible for a work licence. It is therefore essential that you have the best representation available by acquiring the services an expert DUI lawyer.

The following articles contain information on charges of drink driving, including details of what the police have to prove, the maximum penalty, and possible defences.

Drink Driving Penalties

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Criminal Law – Categories of Offences

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Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyers

For many people, being charged with a drink driving offence is a stressful and sometimes embarrassing situation.

The penalties for drink driving offences will always result in the disqualification of a person’s driver licence and will also include an additional penalty which can range from a fine to a period of imprisonment depending on the circumstances.

It is important that proper advice is sought from the earliest possible opportunity as drink driving convictions can have a long lasting effect and can impact many different areas of a person’s life including employment and travel opportunities.

There may also be options, including work licence applications which will allow you to continue driving for purposes directly connected to your employment if you are eligible.

Traffic laws in Queensland are complex and our experienced team of Brisbane drink driving lawyers will provide you with comprehensive advice as to your options and will work to ensure the best possible outcome and place you in the best possible position in order to move forward.

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