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It’s not easy selecting a criminal lawyer. Who you select and the way your matter is handled can have significant personal consequences for you, in some cases; your very freedom is at risk. You are the one who ends up suffering the consequences of poor representation.

Your task is not made any easier by the wide variety of experience of criminal lawyers, most of whom claim to be experts and the majority of whom even lay claim to being the best. Such claims are easy to make on a website page. Let’s get real. Expertise in this area of law is gained only by years of hard-won experience in the courtroom, day in day out.

You should if possible talk to independent solicitors, barristers and clients to obtain a reliable perspective on the reputation of your prospective law firm.

Alternatively, you could use a completely independent guide such as Doyles Guide, which lists Potts Lawyers as a top tier criminal law firm in Queensland and lists amongst its top 26 lawyers, 7 who currently or have previously worked with Potts Lawyers.

Why not talk to or meet with one of our criminal law team for a no obligation initial consultation?

If your matter is of the kind which we think we can take on, we are happy to meet with you and discuss your options. You can obtain a better idea of what is involved in running your matter, your options and what it is likely to costs.

Of course, we won’t be able to represent you or provide substantive advice until we are formally engaged.

Please note that we are not a legal aid firm and we do not take matters on legal aid.

If you can’t attend our Brisbane or Gold Coast offices we can even arrange a telephone, Skype or Facebook consultation.

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