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Traffic Lawyers Brisbane & Gold Coast

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If you’ve been charged with a traffic offence it makes sense to speak to an experienced traffic lawyer to find out where you stand. Traffic Law is complex. Our lawyers know traffic law, they deal with the police and the courts every day and can take the stress out of your court appearance. Our initial telephone advice is free so call us today.

A conviction for serious charges such as disqualified driving, drink or drug driving and dangerous driving can result in significant financial penalties, loss of licence and even jail. Loss of your licence for whatever reason can have a significant impact on your employment and your family life.

Early and effective advice and strong representation is the key. We are Queensland’s largest criminal law firm and our business is built on personal, expert service. Our experienced lawyers will explain your options, likely penalties and your eligibility for special licences.

In most cases, we can tell you what your costs will be in advance. We prepare your matter so that you achieve the best possible result. There are steps and courses we will recommend for you which will help you deal with your driving related problem and also achieve a better outcome in court.

It’s easy to make mistakes on the road. If you have made one, give us a call or make an online enquiry to put your mind at rest. On this page you will find useful information on traffic offences and some actual case studies to assist you to understand how traffic charges are dealt with by the courts.

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Select from one of the offences below to find out more information including penalties and your rights.

The severity of a drink driving charge depends on the amount you were over the limit and the number of times you have already been charged. For more information, visit our Drink Driving Charges page.

In Queensland there is a “zero tolerance” policy for drug driving. If you are facing a drug driving charge you need to speak to us. For more information visit our Drug Driving page.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about dangerous driving, as well as dangerous driving charges & traffic lawyers for your defence. To learn more about dangerous driving, visit our Dangerous Driving FAQs page.

If you have been disqualified from driving by the Queensland court, you may be eligible for a Work License. Work Licenses allow disqualified drivers to drive to and from work, allowing them to continue supporting their families. To learn more, read our License Appeals page.

It is a crime to drive without a valid Australian driver’s license. If your licence has been taken away for any reason (such as an accumulation of demerit points or your licencse expiring), it is illegal for you to drive. Penalties for these charges vary based on the reason you lost your license originally. For more information, visit our License Appeals page.

Traffic offences, in addition to penalties of fines and jail time, can also be punished with periods of licence disqualification. For the best chance at keeping your licence, read more information at our Other Traffic Offences page.

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Case Studies - Our Results

Click below to view the outcomes we have obtained for our clients in relation to their traffic offences.

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