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Licence Appeals

Under Australian law, all drivers must have an appropriate and valid driver’s license. If your license has been disqualified, it is illegal for you to drive a motor vehicle. You may however is some circumstance be able to apply for either a work licence or a special hardship order so you can continue driving for work or due to special circumstances.

There are a number of reasons why you may be a disqualified driver, including an accumulation of demerit points, an expired license, or your license being taken away by the court.

The penalty that the courts can impose for unlicensed driving charges varies mainly depending on the reason that your license was originally taken from you. Typically, these unlicensed driving penalties can be a fine, an extended period of license disqualification, or a period of imprisonment. For more information on penalties, what the police must prove, and possible defences, please continue through to our unlicensed driving articles.

Our traffic lawyers are experienced in special hardship orders and work licence applications and have a high success rate.  Don’t risk losing your one chance to save your licence. Contact us today to discuss your application and how we can help you.

Our Licence Appeals Services

A work licence (also called a restricted licence) allows a person convicted of drink driving or drug driving to drive for work purposes only during their period of licence disqualification.

This applies if your licence is to be suspended by Queensland Transport because: – you have been charged with driving more than 40km over the speed limit; and/or  you have lost your good driving behaviour licence due to an accumulation of demerit points.

Traffic offences, in addition to penalties of fines and jail time, can also be punished with periods of licence disqualification. For the best chance at keeping your licence, read more information at our Other Traffic Offences page.

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