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Drug Lawyers Brisbane & Gold Coast

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If you or someone you care about is facing a drug charge, you need accurate information about the charge. Potts Lawyers has a dedicated team of specialist drug lawyers with decades of combined experience in criminal law charges, including drugs charges, with the knowledge you need to mount the best possible defence.

There are a number of drug charges that you may have been charged with, including what the police need to prove, the maximum penalty under the law, and which court the charge is heard at.

Early and effective advice and strong representation is the key. We are a division of Queensland’s largest  private criminal law firm and our business is built on personal, expert service. Our experienced lawyers will explain your options, likely penalties and your eligibility for drug diversion.

We prepare your matter so that you achieve the best possible result. There are steps and courses we will recommend for you which will help you deal with your drug related problem and also achieve a better outcome in court.

It’s easy to make mistakes in life. If you have made one, give us a call or make an online enquiry to put your mind at rest.

At Potts Lawyers our drug lawyers in Brisbane & Gold Coast will provide you with advice and step you through the process from the initial contact by police and charging and through to a sentence or a trial. Our lawyers will work to ensure that you are aware of all of your options and can make an informed decision in relation to your matter from day one, so contact our drug lawyers today.

Why use our Drug Lawyers?


Experience– We have drug lawyers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland who deal with the police and courts every day. You need to have confidence in your lawyer and know they have handled hundred or even thousands of matters just like yours.

Open, honest guidance – We’ll explain every detail of your case in plain English. This includes the nature of the charges, the likely penalties you’re facing, and what your options are for defending the charges. You can then make an informed decision.

Fixed Fees– In most cases we can provide you with a fixed fee quote so you know exactly what costs you will incur before you engage us. And if the circumstances of your case change, you will be informed immediately.

In most cases, we can tell you what your costs will be in advance. We prepare your matter so that you achieve the best possible result. There are steps and courses we will recommend for you which will help you deal with your drug related problem and also achieve a better outcome in court.

It’s easy to make mistakes on the road. If you have made one, give us a call or make an online enquiry to put your mind at rest. On this page you will find useful information on traffic offences and some actual case studies to assist you to understand how drug charges are dealt with by the courts.

Our Drug Law Services

The consequences of possessing a dangerous drug (even a small amount) may be severe and include imprisonment. A conviction may also negatively impact upon your employment, travel, education and ability to obtain finance.

In Queensland, it is a crime to produce a dangerous drug.  “Production” refers to all acts involved in producing a dangerous drug, including cultivation, packaging, manufacturing and preparing.

Supplying a dangerous drug is a serious criminal offence in Queensland.  The penalties range from a fine up to and including imprisonment.

Trafficking Dangerous Drugs is another term for supplying dangerous drugs.  In Queensland, it means that a person is in the business of supplying dangerous drugs for commercial gain.

Court ordered drug diversion is a penalty imposed by a court which is primarily aimed to be rehabilitative. It involves the person being referred to a drug information and education session, to deter the use of illicit drugs and future charges. It should not be confused with police drug diversion, which has similarities, but has distinct eligibility criteria and is not a court ordered penalty.

Drug offences, in addition to penalties of fines and jail time, can also be punished with periods of licence disqualification. For the best chance at keeping your licence, read more information at our Other Drug Offences page.

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Drug Diversion

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