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Potts calls for abolition of laws allowing 17-year-olds to be sentenced as adults

Queensland Law Society has called on the state government to implement swift legislation reform to ensure 17-year-olds are no longer considered adults in the eyes of the law. Society president Bill Potts said it was simply appalling Queensland remained the only state or territory in Australia that treats 17-year-olds as adult offenders and subjects them to terms locked up in adult prisons with hardened and seriously violent criminals. Mr Potts said Tuesday’s (Aug 30) revelation about the harsh summary punishment inflicted on a teenage offender by guards in an adult wing of Brisbane’s Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre lent credence to the Society’s long-held...

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QLS President Message

Our profession has much of which to be proud as I come to end of my year as your 2016 president. I said at the beginning of the year that I am a proud to be a Queensland solicitor and after a year in the role as the QLS’s most privileged elected position it has given me a great amount of respect and pride in the more than 13,000 solicitors across the state. I have long believed that advocacy for good law and educating the public as to what we do as lawyers is integral to enhancing and fortifying the reputation of...

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Bill Potts – One Of The Gold Coast’s Most Powerful People

Bill Potts has been ranked by the Gold Coast Bulletin as the 78th most powerful person on the Gold Coast. (Gold Coast Bulletin Paradise Magazine 17-18/10/09)

78 Bill Potts – Law

Mr Potts is one of the local legal fraternity’s most well-known and flamboyant characters and has left his mark on the Coast since arriving from Melbourne in 1981.

Bill Potts Comments On Baden-Clay Conviction Downgrade

Bill Potts, President elect of the Queensland Law Society 2016 comments on the Court Of Appeals decision to downgrade Gerard Baden-Clay conviction of murder to manslaughter. Potts explains how the court came to their decision and says that many legal experts aren’t surprise by the downgrade. He says the public should have confidence in the legal system and said the decision made by the three Court of Appeal judges, including Chief Justice Catherine Holmes, is the right decision according to Law. The Court of Appeal after looking at all of the evidence was perfectly satisfied that the jury got it right. That is – that...

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Man Jailed For Unprovoked Attack Over Note On Door

A NEIGHBOUR just wanting peace and quiet was assaulted for his troubles. And one of the men involved was jailed for his unprovoked attack. The 46-year-old mine worker had left a note on a neighbour’s door explaining that his partner was ill and that he was on nightshift. About 4.45pm on May 30 this year several people, including Andergrove resident Christos Panagakos, knocked on the victim’s door holding the note asking what it was all about, the Mackay Magistrates Court was told. Panagakos ripped the security screen door from its hinges, stepped forward and punched the man in his head several times, prosecutor Sheena...

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Lawyer Casts Doubt Over Police Killers Crackdown

ABC online A Gold Coast criminal defence lawyer has questioned the effectiveness of introducing tougher penalties for killing police officers. Queensland Parliament last week passed new laws, which will increase the non-parole period for murder from 15 to 20 years. Anyone who reoffends or kills a police officer would face a lengthier jail term. Solicitor Bill Potts says the laws appear to be an emotional response to the death of Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding last year. “Adding five years to a non-parole period for the killing of a police officer is simply going to have no effect by way of deterring people but appears...

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Moves to Drug Test Students

PARENTS on the Fraser Coast might face the prospect of their kids undergoing random drug tests in the future if moves by The Southport School on the Gold Coast to test their students are successful. Prominent criminal defence lawyer Bill Potts said the whole area was a potential legal minefield. “There’s a real fear the school authorities have not thought this through,” he said. “If the school finds evidence of drugs in a student’s system, does the school notify the police? “Does it then become an arm of the police and if it does not report the student to police, is the school thus...

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Crime Levy Passes Queensland Parliament

The State Government says it expects to raise more than $12 million a year by charging convicted criminals a court levy. New laws passed in Parliament last night will force convicted offenders to pay $300 for Supreme and District Court matters. The levy in the Magistrates Court will be $100. Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has told the House it will be imposed on top of other court penalties. “There is provision for the offender levy to be paid on the day of the court, or registered with the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER),” he said. “By utilising SPER the government is expecting to collect in excess...

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