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Rob Franklin – Litigation Lawyer – Managing Director

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Rob has practised for 35 years, principally in the areas of commercial litigation and disciplinary law; managing the practice through its evolution over the past two decades. He might be found in our Brisbane office or Gold Coast office.

Rob’s personal practice focusses these days principally in the area of professional occupational discipline. For example, he represents lawyers in their disciplinary dealings with the Legal Services Commission and the Queensland Law Society. As a member of the Queensland Law Society and Lexon Insurance disciplinary panels, he provides confidential advice and representation pursuant to the assistance provided by those bodies.

Rob is a member and former chair of the Queensland Law Society Ethics Committee. He has contributed to the development of resources and services to assist practitioners to not only avoid and manage complaints, but to develop resilient practices and habits consistent with the high ethical standards expected of the modern lawyer. He sees the situation of practitioners subject to investigations clearly:

The day to day challenges of any professional practice are daunting enough. Anyone can make a mistake. Complaints and investigations can be extremely stressful, affect one’s health and wellbeing and in some cases unnecessarily shorten careers. The advisor must be sensitive not only to the personal and professional circumstances of the practitioner but engender an awareness of the obligations placed on the practitioner in this special jurisdiction. Given the potential impact of disciplinary proceedings, it would be imprudent not to take advantage of the assistance of someone experienced in the jurisdiction. It is most often the case that, appropriately handled, the complaint need not result in a discipline application. Moreover, a proactive and insightful approach to complaints frequently results in improvements to professional habits and systems which minimise the risk of any future complaints.

Rob has presented and chaired sessions on topics such as legal ethics, disciplinary investigations, effective practice management systems, complaints management and legal costs management at continuing professional development seminars, conferences and symposia during the past decade.

He also works day to day with our lawyers on civil litigation matters, complex criminal matters including white collar offences; frequently consulting on ethical issues, client capacity issues and the development of effective strategies to achieve client objectives.

As an assistant professor at Bond University Law Faculty, Rob for many years lectured in corporate law, business associations, contract, legal ethics and legal trust accounting. He has also served on the Queensland law Society Litigation Rules Committee and the Occupational Discipline Working Group.

As Managing Director, Rob is responsible for the day to day management of the practice and, as client care officer, he seeks to ensure that our services meet and exceed all our clients’ needs and expectations. Rob believes that the success of any law firm depends on its ability to deliver consistently high standards of service and great results. From the client’s perspective, that starts with being respected and listened to and enjoying a strong communication bond with their lawyer throughout.

Rob lives in the Gold Coast hinterland where his forebears settled over 150 years ago. When not tending to livestock, he unwinds with time on the water and a run or bushwalk with family. He enjoys contributing as honorary solicitor to a number of local community organisations.

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