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Author: Craig DoRozario

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The Legal Services Commission (LSC) Investigation & Disciplinary Process

The Legal Services Commission (LSC) When a lawyer receives a letter from the Legal Services Commissioner about a complaint, it can raise all sorts of fears and anxiety about the process and how the complaint might be resolved. Practitioners should know that not every complaint received by the LSC is notified to the relevant practitioner.  A large proportion of complaints are determined to be not to be proper complaints for the Commission to investigate, for various reasons. For example, a client complaint about costs which does not raise conduct issues might not be notified. Although a practitioner might not appreciate it at the...

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Preliminary Steps when Responding to an Queensland LSC Investigation Letter  

Our Disciplinary law experts have acted for many Queensland solicitors and barristers who have received a letter from the Legal Services Commissioner notifying of an investigation of a complaint made about them and seeking a response. Do you need an extension to obtain advice and respond? Generally, the initial letter from the LSC advising of the investigation will set out allegations and will seek a response and explanation within a certain timeframe. It is important for practitioner not to feel rushed when responding, which may result in a substandard response. If the lawyer requires more time to obtain advice and consider their position, they...

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Real estate professionals charged with a criminal offence. What are the consequences and do you have to disclose this?

Article by Craig DoRozario Who does this apply to? In Queensland, all practising real estate agents, auctioneers and resident letting agents (eg most on-site managers for bodies corporate) must hold relevant licences and comply with the rules set out under the Property Occupations Act 2014 (Qld) (“the Act”). Real estate agents in Northern New South Wales and other parts of Australia are not subject to this Act, however similar legislation may exist in other states and territories. While we are able to assist real estate agents outside of Queensland, this article applies only to those who are currently practising, or wish to...

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Can criminal charges affect my sporting career?

Introduction In addition to penalties imposed at sentencing, a criminal charge can have a substantial impact on your life. Sometimes, simply being charged with a criminal offence could have you disciplined by your club or the sporting body you are affiliated with. As Queensland’s largest private criminal defence firm, Potts Lawyers are entrusted by amateur and elite athletes to protect their interests not only on the criminal front, but also to ensure minimal impact to their careers. We understand that athletes are given an exemplary amount of media attention, but you won’t find our lawyers going out of their way to jump in...

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