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Author: Jason Papoutsis

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AHPRA Disciplinary Matters for Health Practitioners

Why choose Potts Lawyers for AHPRA Matters? Potts team of experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers are highly experienced at assisting health practitioners across Australia who face allegations of impairments or conduct which may amount to unsatisfactory professional performance, unprofessional conduct, and professional misconduct. Get your free 20 minute consultation today.   AHPRA Disciplinary Matters for Health Practitioners Health practitioners being investigated for these matters can face immediate action which prevents them from practising, and at the conclusion of those investigations, health practitioners can be subjected to conditions, suspensions, or even have their registration cancelled altogether.  Obviously, this type of action taken against a health practitioner can...

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Disciplinary Matters for Queensland Teachers

Teachers who are subject to investigations by the QCT should urgently seek legal advice from civil ligitation lawyers experienced in this area of law so that appropriate steps can be taken to protect their registration throughout the course of the investigation. Potts Lawyers is experienced at assisting teachers in Queensland with a wide variety of disciplinary matters and have assisted teachers in avoiding serious findings and sanctions which could lead to onerous conditions on their registration or even completely prevent them from teaching. Disciplinary Matters for Queensland Teachers Teachers in Queensland are mainly regulated by the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005...

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Real Estate Agent Licences in Queensland 

Everything you need to know: QLD Real Estate Agent Licences Real estate agents who are facing criminal allegations or allegations of breaching the real estate legislation in the course of their practice of property agent work, should seek legal advice immediately from lawyers experienced in criminal law and in disciplinary law matters. Why use Potts Lawyers?  Our Civil Litigation Lawyers are experienced at assisting real estate agents in Queensland who face having their licences suspended or cancelled, and also applicants whose licences have not been granted due to suitability matters. Existing licensees can have their licences cancelled due as a result of breaches of...

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Responding to Show Cause Letters

If you have received a show cause letter, it is important that you obtain legal advice and assistance with responding to the allegations against you. This applies to people who are both guilty or innocent of the conduct alleged.  This article discusses the purpose of show cause letters, the common forms of show cause letters, and why legal advice is so important to ensuring you attain a successful outcome.   What is a Show Cause Letter? A show cause letter (also known as a show cause notice), is a letter sent to a person which provides them with an opportunity to respond to...

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Enhanced Enforcement & Deterrence Regulations for Queensland Engineers

The New Regulatory Regime Comes Into Effect on 1 March 2021 The Board of Professional Engineers Queensland (BPEQ) has been protecting the public and setting the standards for engineers in Queensland for almost a century. But soon, the BPEQ will have enhanced investigative and enforcement powers, bringing it up to speed with many other regulatory bodies in Queensland and Australia. It is anticipated that the strengthening of the regulatory regime will lead to audits, investigations, and possibly also disciplinary action and criminal charges against engineers and the firms who employ them.   Who is affected by the changes? Approximately 16,000 engineers registered in Queensland will be...

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From Collaboration to Conflict:  What Happens When Your Joint Venture, business partnership, or Informal Collaboration with Another Business Turns Sour?

By Jason Papoutsis An increasing amount of businesses across the world, and here in Queensland, are collaborating with other businesses. These types of collaborative relationships are very common these days, whether it’s GoPro & Redbull, a social media influencer who has entered into an agreement to promote a business and attend events, or your local coffee shop teaming up with a surf shop down the street. This recent trend should come as no surprise, as are many benefits to businesses collaborating. Some of these benefits include: Collaborative relationships provide both businesses the opportunity to create unique events which attract large crowds (ie, your local...

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Allegations of Criminal Wrongdoing in Civil Disputes – What You Need to Know

Allegations of Criminal Wrongdoing in Civil Disputes – What You Need to Know By Jason Papoutsis Individuals who are alleging (or have been accused of) criminal wrongdoing in a civil dispute should think twice about settling those disputes themselves without the assistance of lawyers. Some examples of civil disputes where criminal conduct is also alleged include: Claims for the recovery of debts or liquidated demands of money; Claims for unpaid wages or unfair dismissal, and other employment disputes,; Claims arising out of contract between a consumer and trader, or two traders; Claims for damage to property; Claims in defects for goods, including...

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Weapons Licensing Matters in Queensland

Australian attitudes towards gun laws are arguably much more sensible than those in the United States, where mass shootings and gun related violence are a common occurrence.  The rest of the world sees Australia, and the lessons learned from the Port Arthur massacre, as a leading example of why gun laws should be strengthened.   It is evident that the strengthening of gun laws in Australia has generally led to a downturn in gun related homicides and crimes, and since Australian gun laws were strengthened, no mass murders similar to Port Arthur have occurred since. Despite this, gun laws and gun safety...

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Blue card “No Card, No Start”:  New Changes To the Blue Card System

On 31 August 2020, changes were made to the Blue Card system which all Blue Card applicants and Blue Card holders should be aware of. The “No Card, No Start” law The Blue Card system now states that applicants will be unable to work of volunteer in a position which requires a blue card until their application is approved.  Previously, applicants were permitted to begin work which requires a Blue Card whilst their application was being processed. New Rules for Blue Card Expiring The new rules also state that if you do not renew your blue card by the expiry date, you will...

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New lemon car laws introdcued to protect consumers who have bought defective or faulty vehicles

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS At Potts Lawyers we received many enquiries about new car buyers buying a lemon car. A “lemon” is a common term for a vehicle that turns out to have several manufacturing defects affecting the safety, value, or utility of that vehicle. Most Australia states did not previously have ‘lemon laws’. Lemon laws are aimed at protecting consumers against defects in new vehicles, and usually require the manufacturer to repair, replace, or refund the consumer’s vehicle. Beginning 1 September 2019 the Queensland government finally introduced new lemon laws to protect consumers who purchase defective motor vehicles. The changes came...

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