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Traffic Law

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Impoundment of motor vehicles – what you need to know

These are the questions we frequently receive from clients who are subjected to our vehicle impoundment laws: Can the police take my car? How can I get my car back? How long will the police keep my car? These questions often come from a place of stress and uncertainty when someone is charged with offences that trigger vehicle impoundment laws. This article aims to clarify when your vehicle could be impounded, how long the vehicle could be impounded for and the circumstances in which the vehicle may be released early.   Will the police impound my vehicle? Our law allows the police to impound your...

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I have been charged with a drink-driving offence. Does the QLD Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program apply to me?

We understand that the process of being charged with a drink-driving offence can be incredibly stressful. Not only do you need to consider the court process, but also any other consequences that may flow. Let’s consider the Queensland Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program and when it may apply to you. Does the Queensland alcohol interlock program apply to you? You will be required to complete the interlock program if you are charged and are found guilty or plead guilty to any of the following ‘high-risk’ drink-driving offences: Drive, or attempt to put in motion or be in charge of a vehicle under...

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Suitability & Eligibility Requirements for obtaining your Rideshare Licence for Queensland

What licence do I need to work in the rideshare industry? Individuals looking to work as drivers in the transport and rideshare industry (such as Taxis, Uber, Lyft, Ola, Didi, Bolt, and GoCatch, etc) are required to hold; A current Australian open drivers licence or alternatively a restricted drivers licence issued under section 87 of the TORUM; and A “Passenger Transport Driver Authorisation” from the Department of Transport and Main Roads (“TMR”). A Passenger Transport Driver Authorisation (known simply as a “Driver Authorisation”) is an approval that forms part of a regulatory system by which the TMR decides who is suitable to...

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Using mobile phones while driving – what you need to know

It is well known that using your mobile phone whilst driving is an offence. Fixed and portable cameras have been operating for some time now, enabling authorities to catch drivers “in the act”. This makes it particularly difficult for drivers to contest allegations of using mobile phones while driving. What you may not know is the penalty for the offence, and for repeat offending has increased significantly. This article aims to break down the legislation for this offence and the penalties associated. What is the offence? The driver of a vehicle must not use a mobile phone while the vehicle is moving, or is...

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New lemon car laws introduced to protect consumers who have bought defective or faulty vehicles

WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS At Potts Lawyers we receive many enquiries about new car buyers buying a lemon car. A “lemon” is a common term for a vehicle that turns out to have several manufacturing defects affecting the safety, value, or utility of that vehicle. Most Australian states did not previously have ‘lemon laws’. Lemon laws are aimed at protecting consumers against defects in new vehicles, and usually require the manufacturer to repair, replace, or refund the consumer’s vehicle. Beginning 1 September 2019 the Queensland government finally introduced new lemon laws to protect consumers who purchase defective motor vehicles. The changes came...

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Can I get a work licence?

Work licences, otherwise known as restricted licences or day licences, are an area of traffic law that our lawyers give advice on daily. If you are charged with certain drink driving or drug driving offences, you may be eligible for a work licence. When you are sentenced for the drink or drug driving offence, your driver’s licence will be disqualified for a period of time. There is no way to keep your licence – the court has no choice but to disqualify you from holding or obtaining a driver’s licence. If you are granted a work licence, it allows you to drive...

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