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Michael Warren – Criminal Lawyer

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Michael was recently admitted in February 2021 however has been working with Potts Lawyers since November 2020 while he completed his Practical Legal Training. Michael joins our team with a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Laws from Griffith University, and is admitted to the roll of legal practitioner in the Supreme Court of Queensland.

I chose Law at Griffith University due to the amazing Innocence Project they run. I wanted to be a part of the work they do in analysing each square inch of the evidence against their clients and hope that I could make a difference even in just one person’s life for those who are wrongfully convicted. I want to deliver the same level of thorough analysis to my clientele in their matters to ensure they receive the best possible representation.

Michael has quickly grown into an adept criminal, traffic, and domestic violence lawyer. Michael has already achieved several great outcomes for his clients.

Michael has incredible experience at working with young people in the court system, having been previously employed at Youth Justice (Queensland Government) for five years prior to starting with us at Potts Lawyers. Michael is well-versed in the Youth Justice legislation and has been heard as a panel member alongside our Director, Mr Bill Potts, at the Youth Justice Legal Affairs and Safety Committee, April 2021 on the changes to the Youth Justice legislation in 2021. Michael has demonstrated the same level of care and understanding that he had shown working with vulnerable youth justice children as with his own clients – ensuring they are heard and understood.

Michael is always thinking about the best possible outcomes for his clients and will work with you along the way ensuring smooth communication with you during the progression of your matter. His calm negotiation style allows for swift resolution of matters, in favour of his clients. Michael has a broad professional network with the stakeholders in the Courts, which include the Magistrates and Judges, the police prosecution, and other legal representatives. Michael is friendly and approachable, always making you feel welcomed, but also a strong advocate when the time requires it.

Being a good legal tactician is all about picking and choosing the right battles to fightThat doesn’t mean giving up the fights you may lose, it means recognising that those fights might be your weakness, and that those others are your strengths and we must emphasise that.

Michael works collaboratively on a day-to-day basis with the criminal law team at Potts Lawyers, chiefly with Bill Potts, Mark Williams, and Erin Mitchell.

Outside of the law, Michael spends his time 4WD-ing and camping. He loves the outdoors and the beach. Michael stays fit and healthy to ensure he remains well and switched on, being a part of his local Parkrun Australia (almost) weekly.

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