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Legal Costs: How much will my matter cost?

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Legal Costs: How much will my matter cost?

Legal Costs

We are regularly asked by clients for an estimate of what their case will likely cost before the client is engaged.

This video with managing director Rob Franklin answers how we deal with the costs involved with your legal matter.

We’ll Provide Costs Upfront

Each case is individual, and costs will be discussed in our free initial consultation before the client is engaged.

When it comes to costs, we are committed to being absolutely upfront with clients about what their matter is going to cost.

In some cases, we’re able to provide a fixed fee. In most cases, though, given the uncertainty of what might unfold in a matter, we’re able to give a definite range of costs to the client for the scope of work that we’re undertaking. So every client knows, before we do the work, what it’s likely to cost them for the next stage of their work.

Moreover, they’re informed about what the costs are likely to be for the whole matter. And that might change over time so we’ll regularly update you on costs.

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