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What’s different about Potts Lawyers?

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What’s different about Potts Lawyers?

What’s it mean to be a Good Criminal Lawyer?

Firstly, it’s important for our clients to know that we are their lawyers. We’re not the judge, we’re not the jury.

So we are not going to be judging a person who is in those sorts of difficulties often in a society that doesn’t understand what they’re doing or why they’re doing it doesn’t understand how they got to be in that dark place, and need to understand that there is a way out of it.

And often, that means giving some form of psychiatric or psychological assistance for sometimes it means explaining to quite often a client who is abusing alcohol or drugs and is deeply depressed, that what they’re doing is in fact, just another form of self destruction.

So we’re not social workers. We’re not doctors, but much of what is good about being a good criminal lawyer is understanding people. And that’s what we do in spades.

Bill Potts at Potts Lawyers


About Bill Potts – Criminal Lawyer

Our founding director Bill Potts brings to Potts Lawyers a breadth of criminal law experience derived from a successful career spanning more than three decades. His professional values are the touchstone which now guides our team of criminal law advocates.

Bill sees his role as that of ally, navigating a path for his clients through the enormous stress of a criminal investigation or prosecution. That role takes him all round the country and to all courts from the Magistrates to the High Courts, defending clients charged with the most serious of offences.

A sample of his cases  are listed in the media section of this website.


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