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Ashleigh DoRozario as an inspiring woman in law, ‘Creating Visibility for Disability’

Potts Lawyers > Firm news  > Ashleigh DoRozario as an inspiring woman in law, ‘Creating Visibility for Disability’

Ashleigh DoRozario as an inspiring woman in law, ‘Creating Visibility for Disability’

The Legal 500’s fivehundred magazine features Ashleigh DoRozario as an inspiring woman in law, ‘Creating Visibility for Disability’

Earlier this year, and much to my surprise, I was approached by the Head of Inclusion, Equality and Culture of The Legal 500 – a London based company assessing capabilities of law firms globally, and highlighting lawyers producing innovative advice and unrivalled experience in the legal industry.

By way of background, The Legal 500 publish a monthly magazine, fivehundred, providing insight into themes affecting the legal profession internationally.

I received an email from The Legal 500 pitching their upcoming March edition: celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, by featuring inspiring women lawyers around the world who were challenging stereotypes and fighting bias to positively contribute to the profession, and society generally.

I love learning about strong female leaders, and believing this email to be a ‘teaser’ for the upcoming issue, I was eagerly awaiting its release.

I am sure you can imagine my surprise and disbelief when I read on:

‘I wondered whether you would consider appearing in the magazine as one of those inspiring women?’


After a few email exchanges where I confirmed their invitation was not meant for someone else nor sent to me in error, and owing to the time difference between the UK and Australia, I offered to prepare a profile setting out my background. Following which, I advised The Legal 500 could then decide if I was an appropriate candidate for the issue.

Clearly, I was suffering from imposter syndrome.

The writing process was quite gruelling but also very cathartic, as I have led an interesting life so far. I am constantly learning and adapting, with my lived experiences and fabulous support network (thanks Craig DoRozario and Potts Lawyers!) continually encouraging me to create visibility for disability, and advocate for inclusion and equal opportunity.

Turns out, The Legal 500 enjoyed my story so much, they published it! To share a synopsis, the fivehundred women in law issue:

‘… showcases an abundance of great stories about great women doing great things.

Ashleigh DoRozario, a legally blind lawyer at Potts Lawyers in Queensland, writes passionately on why lawyers with impairments need to lead by example to destigmatise disability.’

If you are interested in reading more, you can find my profile piece here:

While I have a generalist practice in all areas of civil litigation and dispute resolution, my background has fostered interests aligning with personal injury and compensation law, anti-discrimination advocacy and championing human rights.

I am also a founding member of the Queensland Law Society’s Diverse Abilities Network, working collaboratively with the Queensland Law Society’s Equity & Diversity Committee.

If you have a query or interest regarding any of the above, please reach out as I would love to hear from you.

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