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Queensland Courts now text defendants to remind them of their court date

Potts Lawyers > Criminal Law & Offences  > Queensland Courts now text defendants to remind them of their court date

Queensland Courts now text defendants to remind them of their court date

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Do you struggle to remember your court date? Read on!

After a successful trial in Mackay in 2018, the Queensland Courts will now send SMS messages to adult defendants on bail to remind them of the date and time for their next court appearance.

This SMS reminder service will be available to all adult offenders (18 years and over) who have been granted bail by the Magistrates Court or police watchhouse, and who have supplied a mobile phone number to the court house. This service will start across Queensland from 7 December 2018.

The reminders will be sent to the defendant one business day before they are listed to appear in the court.

The courts will be testing four different types of messages for a period of time to determine the optimal SMS reminder for improving court attendance rates.


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Danielle is one of Potts Lawyers’ senior criminal lawyers. She holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice from Griffith University. . Danielle is thorough and frank in her dealings with clients, ensuring that they understand every step of their matter, how it will proceed through the criminal justice system and all the options which are available. . Danielle regularly advocates for clients who are charged with serious offences and are at risk of imprisonment.  She has had exposure to an array of criminal law proceedings, which has placed her in good stead to effectively negotiate and advocate for clients. . Danielle has also developed expertise in the operations of the domestic violence court. . Danielle understands the importance of providing strong, competent and diligent legal representation without forgetting that an empathetic supportive approach helps clients through what is, for most, a highly stressful experience. . Danielle appears regularly in the Magistrates, District, and Supreme Courts across Queensland, and often travels to regional areas to represent her clients.

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