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Q & A with Rebecca Fogerty, Senior Criminal Lawyer, Potts Lawyers Brisbane

Potts Lawyers > Q & A with Rebecca Fogerty, Senior Criminal Lawyer, Potts Lawyers Brisbane

Rebecca Fogerty has a particular closeness to College. Her firm is just above The College of Law Queensland campus at 140 Ann Street. Across from the courts, we frequently see Rebecca in the lift racing off to court or glued to her mobile phone.

Following Practical Legal Training (PLT) with The College of law, Rebecca waited the five years and then immediately applied for and was granted Queensland Law Society Specialist Accreditation in Criminal Law. Subsequently she was accepted onto the Queensland Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee.

She has volunteered at the Caxton Street Legal Centre; one of the busiest inner city community legal centres and has a continuing interest in human rights law, therapeutic approaches to legal practice and social justice.

Why Criminal Law, Rebecca?

From the moment I studied law at university, I have been instinctively drawn to criminal law. It is an extremely diverse area of law, in terms of the types of cases, the people
I meet and the legal skills it draws upon. I was also privileged to be the Associate to Judge Dearden of the District Court, Queensland after I finished my university studies. His Honour raised my interest in this area and influenced my career trajectory with his wonderful mentoring.

Why did you do The College of Law’s PLT Program?

The College ran a specific Course for District and Supreme Court Associates which perfectly suited me. The flexibility and the timetable worked around our schedules and our teacher/lecturer was conscious of making the course content relevant to our work.

Do you have a particular career highlight?

I have had the opportunity to work with experienced and senior members of the legal profession who have taught me so much. I have also had the opportunity to travel around Queensland appearing in different courts and different jurisdictions. The part I love about my job is that I can make a real difference in people’s lives. I gain enormous satisfaction from achieving these outcomes for my clients whoever they might be.

As President of The College of Law Alumni Association’s Queensland Division what would you like to see the Alumni achieve over the next few years?

I would like to see more engagement with junior lawyers. I don’t feel our potential has yet been fully tapped; we have lots to do developing more of a presence in Queensland. I would like to see us be more visible and purposeful and involved in events such as Queensland Law Week and the life of the legal profession in general. We have to build on our connectedness with the profession through being informed about what is affecting young lawyers in particular and assisting them develop professionally. I am also enjoying serving on the national Alumni body and see a real need for more engagement with the national body and other states to have the weight of the national mindset.


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