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Public Order Offences

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Although a public order offence may seem minor, these charges can be treated very seriously by the courts.It is vital to get proper legal advice and representation from specialist criminal defence lawyers who are experienced in dealing with in ‘public order’ cases.

Potts Lawyers have a team of specialist Public Order Offence Lawyers – who have successfully represent clients charged with ‘public order offences’ for many years. We frequently succeed in defending clients charged with ‘affray’, ‘violent disorder’, ‘unlawful assembly’, ‘drunk and disorderly’ , ‘threatening violence”  and ‘trespassing’ and often had these charges withdrawn at a very early stage in court.

Our team achieves this by carefully examining the evidence and writing to police (or DPP) outlining the problems in their case, which includes any possible defences such as self-defence, duress and necessity.

We protect and stand for our clients’ rights, especially when the evidence does not support the charges.

If the matter proceeds to a hearing, we will fight for the dismissal of the charges so that you can get on with your life.

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