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Residential Tenancy Disputes

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We previously successfully acted for clients who were involved in a residential tenancy dispute. Our clients were renting a luxurious property on the Gold Coast and were having communication issues with the property managers.

Unfortunately, due to the communication issues with the property managers, our clients decided to terminate their residential tenancy lease and vacated the property in accordance with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (Qld).

Our clients took steps to try to assist the property managers with finding replacement tenants, including paying for the advertising fee so that the property could be re-advertised online. Unfortunately, none of our client’s prospective tenants entered into a new lease in relation to that property.

However, quite unsurprisingly, given the substantial amount of rent sought and the term of the new lease sought, the property managers were also unable to find replacement tenants and ultimately the property was not rented to new tenants.

There were rental arrears outstanding prior to our clients terminating and vacating the property, and our clients decided to release the bond amount held by the Residential Tenancy Authority to the owners, most of which was applied towards outstanding rent.

One of the lessors of the property, acting self-represented, corresponded with our firm and conveyed their intention to commence proceedings against our clients.

We successfully assisted our clients to negotiate a settlement with the lessors in relation to our client’s tenancy of that property, which means that our client’s ultimately obtained certainty and avoided incurring substantial legal fees to defend proceedings.

It is important that any residential tenancy dispute is considered carefully and is appropriately dealt with. If the circumstances permit, it is almost always in all the parties interest to resolve the matter early as proceedings can not only be costly but time consuming and draining for all parties involved.

This case study is not legal advice and should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice. We recommend that you obtain independent legal advice. If you are a lessor or tenant that has a residential tenancy dispute, feel free to call our firm on 07 5532 3133 to discuss your matter with us.

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