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Criminal Law & Offences

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Increased Police Powers During Commonwealth Games: How They Will Affect Your Rights

Increased Police Powers during Commonwealth Games: How they will affect your rights During the Commonwealth Games period, police across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns are afforded extended powers for the purpose of ensuring public safety. However, as acknowledged by the Queensland Law Society and the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, these extended powers can also have negative impacts on residents of Queensland and visitors to the state.   Duration The extended powers apply between 10 March 2018 and 18 April 2018. Some locations may have the extended powers applying for a shorter time during this period.   Protective Security Zones (PSZs) The extended powers apply in...

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Commonwealth Games: What You Should Know From A Criminal Law Perspective

Article written by Shelby Smith The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games will run from the 4th of April 2018 to the 15th of April 2018. If you are attending the Commonwealth Games, it will be important to take care and act appropriately.  Gold Coast residents should also be aware of this information, as the Commonwealth Games will affect the entire Gold Coast community.   Increased Police Presence on the Gold Coast Firstly, you should expect an increased police presence before, during and immediately after the Commonwealth Games. This increased police presence may mean an increase in police charges. It is important to be aware of this and act accordingly....

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I am an architect or aspiring architect convicted of a criminal offence. What are the consequences and do I have to disclose this?

Who does this apply to? In Queensland, architects are subject to the Architects Act 2002 (Qld). Architects practicing outside Queensland are not subject to this legislation; however similar legislation may exist in other states and territories. We are also able to assist interstate architects; however this article is solely for those practicing, or seeking to practice in Queensland.   Am I eligible to register as an architect? Do I need to disclose my charges or convictions? The Board of Architects of Queensland must be satisfied you are fit to practice as an architect prior to accepting the registration. In determining fitness, the Board may have...

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What are the consequences of a criminal charge or conviction on a teacher or aspiring teacher?

Who does this apply to? This article applies to all existing and aspiring teachers in Queensland. Registration to the Queensland College of Teachers is mandatory and regulated by the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005 (Qld) (“the Act”). The law in other jurisdictions in Australia may differ, and hence this article is applicable only to those within Queensland. If you are interstate, we are still able to assist you, and have experience in a variety of jurisdictions. We encourage you to contact our office. If you are an early childhood teacher, registration with the College of Teachers may not be compulsory for...

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Spent convictions: how long does a criminal conviction last in Queensland?

Introduction As noted in our article on non-recorded convictions, having a criminal conviction can have a prolonged and profound impact on your life that extends far beyond the punishment imposed by a court. This is quite unfortunate, as one of the purposes of the criminal justice system is that a court will impose a punishment that is just and final in all the circumstances. It is also a principle that those convicted of offences should be rehabilitated, and are encouraged and even expected to resume being law-abiding and productive members of society upon completion of the imposed punishment. Yet, whenever you are taking...

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What does ‘no conviction recorded’ really mean in Queensland?

Article by Cameron Browne Having a criminal conviction on your record can have a prolonged and profound impact on your life that extends far beyond the punishment imposed by a court during a sentence. It can, in some circumstances, be used adversely against you in terms of employment, travel, loans, rental applications, and more. In some cases, it may not matter what the offence was, and having any criminal history whatsoever could result in an automatic denial or potential loss of opportunity. For this reason, it is in your best interests that you seek a conviction not be recorded, even if you...

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Smashed From Inside as Raids Net Suspects

Jessica Elder | 29 November, 2011 | Gold Coast Bulletin Two Finks motorcycle gang members and 12 Finks associates were arrested yesterday after dawn drug raids on 15 Gold Coast properties. Police say the raids, which smashed a massive drug-trafficking ring, came after undercover police spend nine months infiltrating the outlaw bikie gang. More than 100 police executed the raids on homes from Nerang to Mermaid Beach, seizing GHB, methamphetamine and 66 litres of chemicals used to produce methamphetamines. Undercover police infiltrated Finks Outlaw Motorcycle Club for nine months before yesterday smashing what police believe is a drug-trafficking ring in the city’s biggest ever...

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